Spin by Valorlux: Development of reusable packaging management solutions for take-away and home delivery services.

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Valorlux is a non-profit association (ASBL) whose main mission is to coordinate the selective collection, sorting and recycling of packaging waste in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Valorlux is taking its environmental approach even further, notably with the creation of the Spin by Valorlux project, a system for borrowing reusable packaging.

Objectives for Valorlux:

Following the adoption of the law of 9 June 2022 aimed at banning single-use plastic packaging, Valorlux wanted to launch a pilot project aimed at:

  • Support its members by developing a solution that complies with the Waste Act of 9 June 2022, which bans the use of single-use packaging for takeaways and home deliveries from 1 January 2025;
  • Enable its members to prove that reusable packaging is rotated, which will also form part of their legal obligations;
  • Offer a national solution that is accessible to all (retailers and consumers);
  • Gather user feedback (professionals and private individuals).).


Our achievement: 

  1. Mobile Application Spin for users

    As a user I can :  

    • Borrow objects via QR code 
      • Return items via QR code 
      • Locate SpinPoints (Point of sale and « drop-off ») 
    • Access my User history (current loans, return deadlines, transaction history, etc.)
    • Receive notifications to ease the return of items under deposit

  2. Mobile Application for professionals (partners, washing stations...) including functions such as:
    • For the merchant: to lend objetcs to their clients in the easy way,
    • For the logistical partner: to manage the containers between SpinPoints and the washing stations. The aim is to ensure a daily collection of used items and distribution of washed items.  
    • For the washing station: To reinforce the quality and traceability control by tracking the washing cycle and rotation in order to be compliant with food safety laws and hygiene standards. 

  3. A management web application for Valorlux that allows:
    • Monitoring and management of partners; 
    • Monitoring and management of the washing stations; 
    • Collection of statistics:  
    • Number of items in circulation between the different stages of the rotation cycle, 
    • Monitoring of key indicators on the use of solutions. 
    • Monitoring of invoicing and deposit systems. 


Technologies used:  

  • Website: 
    • Back-end Rest API (.Net Core) 
    • Front-end SPA: React 
    • DBMS (Database Management System) : SQL Server 
  • Application for individuals and professionals:  
    • Xamarin  
    • MVVM architecture 
    • QR code scanner 
    • External authentication integration 
  • Deployments and third-party systems: 
    • Maps integration  
    • Integration of a third party to send transactional emails 
    • Automated deployments via CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps 
    • Automated bug / incident analysis 
    • Automated publishing to stores 
    • Azure cloud hosting 
Published on 02/06/2023

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