We are aware of the shortfalls of some companies to become competitive on the Luxembourg or international market. Strengthen your teams thanks to our IT development experts. In line with your sectorof activity, we offer you the most experienced developers to meet your needs. Whether for short or longterm missions, our experts guarantee support and advice tailored to your mission.

Our consultancy services

If you are a company that lacks the resources to meet deadlines. If you don't have the technical skills to complete your project: we provide you with the most experienced consultants to complete your teams. Our consultants are all equipped with sound expertise in several technological fields. Our consultants are trained on new technologies, integrate your technical teams and help with the development of your internal projects.

Tailor-made expertise

The delicate phase of understanding your needs is perfectly mastered at TP thanks to the expertise of our technical managers and developers.

Since your business project is unique, our consultants are trained on new technologies, integrate your technical teams and help develop your internal solutions.

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Goals achievement

The requirement set by customised expertise facilitates the achievement of your objectives set upstream. Indeed, your project becomes our priority and the consultant in charge of developing it becomes totally immersed in it. Each step is carefully thought out and our consultants guarantee that you will meet your deadlines and objectives while responding to any technical eventualities.


Efficiency, thoroughness and trust are the key words that best qualify the intervention of our consultants. Our consultants not only develop your solution, they are also able to take your project to the next level to ensure its success and your satisfaction.

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