Development of a ticketing application for public works

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In the world of public works, there are many construction sites, and the workers are sometimes heavily solicited to the detriment of other small useful missions for the citizens such as the replacement of streetlamps in a municipality or filling potholes on the public highway.

With its ticketing project, our client gives the municipalities the possibility to identify foreseeable problems that need to be solved. With these tickets, it facilitates the chartering of teams for both small and large projects.

The objective of the solution:

for the administrator (public works company):

  • To give a user access and to give distinct roles: team leaders, workers, etc.   
  • To have a dashboard of the new building sites, building site in progress and those completed,    
  • To be alerted of the needs of the communes   
  • To follow in real time the progress of the building sites.  

for the users (workers):   

  •   To allow the workers to add photos of the work in progress,  
  •   To know their chartering to the teams,   

for the users (commune):

  • To notify the company of the problems found.

Our achievement:

After being briefed on the main idea of the project, Technology Partner proposed a tailor-made support. The aim was to help the client refocus on his project by understanding his needs and providing expertise on its feasibility. Technology Partner places significant importance on the full integration of the client into the team and the implementation of the project:

  1. Definition of the project architecture,   
  2. Development of the tool,  
  3. Implementation of the Microsoft Azure architecture,  
  4. Deployment of the application.

Technologies used:  

  • Web portal  
    • .Net Framework 4.7.2  
    •  ASP.Net MVC  
  •  Data management  
    • SQL Server: Storage  
    • Spatial data management (distance calculation, geolocation, ...)  
  • Hosting / infrastructure  
Published on 30/10/2020

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