Development of a packaging waste management solution in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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Active since 1995, Valorlux is an association whose main mission is to ensure the selective collection, sorting and recycling of packaging waste in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.Concerned about the legal obligations of recycling and recovery of packaging waste of its companies called "Packaging Managers", the ASBL counts today 1000 members.
Each year, these companies must anticipate and declare packaging waste following sales (plastic, metal, etc.). This complex and tedious declaration is now automated on a portal called Valbase, which facilitates the management, communication and invoicing of packaging waste in the Grand Duchy.

The objective of the solution: 

Objectives for the administrator: 

  • Eliminate the manual entry of members' packaging waste by Valorlux
  • Reduce the operational risk 
  • Facilitate the addition, deletion or encoding of materials, product families, etc.
  • Automate the invoicing of members (advances, regularisation, rebates, etc.)
  • Enable data analysis via Power BI 

Objectives for member companies: 

  • Reduce tedious exchanges between Valorlux and the members
  • Reduce the time required to enter packaging waste by simplifying and/or detailing the declaration 
  • Allow the addition, deletion or encoding of materials, product families, etc.
  • Visualise invoicing 

Our achievement:

  1.  Analysis of the logic and the existing solution
  2. Complete overhaul of the existing architecture
  3. Upgrade of certains components
  4. Development and implementation of simplified declarations 
  5. Synchronisation with Zoho CRM
  6. Development of the invoicing part (advances, regularisation, rebates, etc.)
  7. Synchronisation with Zoho Books to automate invoicing from Valbase
  8. Development and implementation of detailed statements
  9. Tests on a staging environment
  10. PenTest with our partners 
  11. Production start-up and deployment of Valbase  

Technologies used: 

  • Web Protal
    • ASP MVC 3.1
    • DevExpress Bootstrap
    • Power BI report integration
    • Azure Functions
  • Data Management
    • SQL Server: Storage...
  • Intégrations aux systèmes tiers
    • Integrations with third-party systems
    • Mailchimp: Newsletter management
    • Mandrill: Emailing
    • Zoho books: billing
    • Zoho CRM : Customer data
    • Demasy : Export of invoicing data from Valbase
  • Hosting / infrastructure


Written by Julien Galego & Charline Pennisi  

Published on 27/04/2022

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